Right now, we should be opening the gates of the festival for the first guests of this year's FEST edition. Unfortunately, this year we won't have the opportunity to meet at Park Śląski. We are deeply concerned that we didn't meet your expectations. We are doing everything in our power to rectify the situation and take responsibility for our mistakes. Therefore, we have decided that the decision to declare bankruptcy was taken too soon and we are preparing for a restructuring process with the hope of regaining your support and trust.

We have made the decision to initiate a restructuring procedure - a procedure to approve a settlement that aims to restore the ability to settle our obligations. Some of you have already received refunds for your tickets. However, if the platform through which you purchased the tickets has refused to refund your money, please fill out the form available on the website

The restructuring will also allow us to negotiate with potential partners who could support us financially and take over the organization of future editions of the event. We are aware that the restructuring process won't be easy, but we do our best to bring it to a successful conclusion.

The past few days have given us time to analyze the situation and draw conclusions. We have received a lot of words of support from our fans, which gives us the strength for further actions.

We will keep you informed about the next steps in this matter.

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