Almost everything can separate us, but what unites us is that we meet in a certain place and time to absorb positive emotions. It is the emanation of love for music. We want this same love to be reflected in human relationships as well.

A club, festival tent, meadow, or hall – every place where we gather around a soundsystem should be a temple of freedom of sorts. And our own freedom should be linked to respect for others and give rise to kindness and tolerance. This way, we can create a community where liberty and safety are the standard and inalienable rights. Where gender, identity, orientation, appearance, origin, social status, or beliefs do not matter because we are just humans.

When participating in club and concert life, we must remember the unspoken responsibility for ourselves and others. Sometimes a small gesture can make a huge difference. If you see someone who needs help for any reason, do everything you can to provide it or bring in people who can.

If you witness someone becoming a victim of aggression, hatred, or intolerance, security and staff are always on site. Their duty is to protect others. They just need to be given the appropriate information. Love is acting against someone else’s harm. Passivity is the permission to its infliction. Caring for others is caring for ourselves.


We come to parties and concerts to have fun together and experience our favorite or completely new sounds. It’s a good time to give smartphones a break. Photos and videos cannot replace the sensations and endorphins that are the effects of contact with music. It is a key ingredient in the recipe for happiness. Alongside it are, of course, the ability to spend time in the right place with the right people, visual experiences, and an indescribable atmosphere.

Various substances can also be part of this recipe. But just as with cooking, spices must be dosed appropriately. A skilled chef relies on his knowledge. Therefore, acquire it and avoid what you don’t know. Stick to the cookbook no matter what.


We gather together to experience comfort. So let us remember that everyone around us has the right to it. Deepening intimacy and making new acquaintances is one of the best – perhaps even the best – elements of club life. Let reciprocity be the basis here. We do not want someone to bother us or violate our personal space without our consent. So let us apply this principle to others. Each person expresses their emotions differently. But “no” always means the same thing, and we should accept it with respect.

Let’s also show respect for inanimate objects. The space we are in is something we use at that moment and will also be used by others. Let us take care of it so that it serves us all for as long as possible.

We would all like a fair world for all humanity. In a certain place and at a certain time, we can try to create it together even for a moment.