Dance Circles

Dance Circles are part of the so-called festival zone in the vast space of Silesian Park. It’s a place that’s seen many regional and traditional bands perform. But during the FEST Festival this area transforms into a club haven filled with various electronic sounds. Every stage here has its theme and sound. This year we will unveil the fifth Krąg Taneczny. For now here are the first four:


This paradise garden is not without reason associated with the Wisłoujście Festival, which is famous for its eclectic mix of electronic music filling the stunning space of the Gdańsk fortress and its surrounding nature. Playing both day and night from Wednesday to Sunday, EDEN attracts a mix of house, oriental sounds, downtempo, deep house, and disco. Here, we practice only active leisure.


The Warsaw club SMOLNA is already a global brand in the techno scene. And during the FEST Festival, it lends its name to the stage offering the best sound and impressive lighting to help you reach transcendence.


We open a portal that leads directly to space. ASTRAL is an empire of modern trance, where impressive decorations and music reign, launching everyone into orbit. Fasten your seatbelts and hold on tight.


In 2022, we handed over one of the Kręgi Taneczne stages to the Parisian collective Possession. Despite the suspension of their activities, we continue to explore the world of hard techno in its industrial form. DARK is also a curatorial project in which renowned brands will take over this space for one evening to showcase their vision of underground clubbing.