We make every effort to ensure that the FEST Festival is more than just a conventional event. We want it to be part of positive social and personal changes, and bringing about change requires shared values. We define them as follows:


The FEST Festival grounds should be a safe place. That’s obvious. We don’t want anyone to be harmed in any way. But mental comfort and a sense of freedom are equally important. We are in a public place, but we still maintain our right to privacy and our own space. Let’s respect others’ boundaries and not do anything against their will. Do you want to capture your memories? We recommend fully focusing on what is actually happening around you. But if you can’t resist taking a photo or video, remember that the lens can bother others and spoil their fun. Let’s be here and now together and respect each other.

The magic of the festival consists of the line-up, the space in which it takes place, and additional non-standard activities. But the most important component of the event is you – our audience and it’s memories associated with people that last the longest – time with friends, newly formed acquaintances, or individual interactions. That is why it is so important to build an environment in which everyone can be themselves and feel comfortable. Regardless of gender, identity, origin, orientation, and other conditions. It is tolerance and openness that allow great things to happen.



Over 200 performances are just a part of what the FEST Festival has to offer. Everything we do is supposed to provide experiences, emotions or knowledge. We want to host people who are open to new experiences and concepts. Because it is curiosity that develops the world and pushes it forward – it allows individuals to develop and then whole societies. Before you come, familiarize yourself with our entire program. We guarantee that you will find something intriguing there. The feed scrolled during the break between concerts will not go anywhere, but lectures, debates, and other activities offered by us will not be repeated.

The entire group of festival-goers may seem like a huge, homogeneous mass. But it is a large group composed of individuals. No one should feel anonymous. We care about every single person and their personal energy. The festival is a time of joy and celebration, and uninhibited expression only appears when someone can fully express themselves. We cannot and do not intend to force anyone to do anything, but we strongly encourage you to be who you want to be.


Celebration of life

There is no place for grayness and sadness at the FEST Festival. For these few days, the Silesian Park becomes the most colorful place on Earth. Of course, numerous decorations and other design elements help, but your participation is also crucial. We want your clothing – besides being comfortable and practical – to be a shot of color and add life to the entire landscape. Break your barriers, do everything 100%, and focus solely on joy. Of course, nothing by force, but treat “celebration of life” as one of the most important items on our line-up.

Being a part of any larger group automatically makes us a part of a community, which imposes responsibility upon us. We do not expect anyone to perform superhuman acts, but we do expect everyone to display basic vigilance and pro-social behaviors. To demand respect from others, we must first show it ourselves. Let us pay attention to our own actions and try to inspire others with them. At the festival, there are people who will provide necessary professional assistance. However, in order for this to happen, we must first inform them. Let us be open, break down the barrier of inactivity and indifference. We never know when we will find ourselves in a situation that requires such behavior from others.



When in nature, let us show respect to it. Not only to the immediate surroundings of the Silesian Park, but also to the entire planet. We undertake as many actions as possible to reduce the carbon footprint of the FEST Festival and we encourage you to help us in this mission. Not only by using reusable cups for drinks, sorting waste or using an application (instead of a traditional paper program). Getting to the festival site by public transport, bicycle or electric scooter is also a choice that matters. Together, with the help of seemingly small decisions, we can change the world.

After the event is over and the last festival-goers have said their goodbyes, we have one last mission: we must dismantle and remove all infrastructure and restore the Silesian Park to its pre-festival state. And you can help us in a very simple way – by leaving no trace behind. Satisfied your hunger? Put the packaging in the appropriate containers. After recycling, it will serve someone else in the future. Do you smoke? We can help you get a portable ashtray. Do you want to throw away gum? Choose wisely, because it will pollute the environment for 5 years if left on the ground. Don’t feel like packing up your tent? Trust us, you’ll need it later. Small gestures make a difference.